From our innovation team

The world is innovating faster than ever. Developments in – for instance - science, sociology and design pile up and things that seemed impossible yesterday are realized tomorrow.

At Quinny, these developments inspire us to create products that fit lives of urban parents. Now, and in the future. Here, we share the most inspiring stories and cases with you.


City service

Now that we are parents, the city has changed. There are new opportunities, but also obstacles that we didn’t notice before. Thankfully, there are smart services like SeeClickFix that make use of collective wisdom to improve our cities.


Looking forward

As long as we can remember, people have been wondering what the future will look like. Now, with developments in science going faster than ever, we are able to take a glimpse at what we will experience in a couple of years. We were really impressed by these solar paneled clothes, designed by a Dutch [...]

3d printing

We are a material crew

Maybe the biggest promise and life-changing technique of the (near) future is 3D-printing. Imagine how cool it would be if your objects were truly customized and you could have them exactly the way you want them. The possibilities for design and material use are growing bigger every day. Check out this interesting article on the [...]


Our future mobility

Everyday we are thinking about what mobility will look like in the near future. And so does Volkswagen’s People’s Car project in China. They actively engaged their audience and challenged the Chinese public to come up with innovative mobility concepts. More than 119.000 ideas were submitted. Check out this really cool, futuristic “Hover Car” concept [...]


No more urban obstacles

This Stair-Rover skateboard blew our mind. Like our Quinny Jett longboardstroller, it is designed to let people experience the city in ways that weren’t possible before. On a flat, paved road the Stair Rover works just like any traditional longboard, but when the roads get rough, the truck underneath the board damps the impact and [...]